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Important Blog Notice: URL Change

Hello everyone! For those of you who view my posts frequently, you’re aware of a huge event that took place in my life a few months ago… I got married.

I’ve been putting off changing my blog for a while now. But it needs to be done. The fact of the matter is that my name is no longer Webster and I’m not going to advertise myself as someone I’m not. I want my blog to grow and change with me. It’s time to let go of my past, websterhunny and I have had a blast together but it’s time for a change.

I wanted to make sure that I alerted you all beforehand so that you can redirect your attention to my new blog. I will release the URL soon and I will be sure to keep you all posted. Thank you all for being loyal and faithful to me for all this time and I hope that you will accompany me on this newest journey.

Be Blessed!


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