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What Does God Have to do With Trying to Conceive – TTC Vlog #7

Sometimes, when trying to conceive, we get caught up and we get stressed out and we start losing hope… we stop having faith and we stop trusting the plan that God has for us. Sometimes we wonder what God even has to do with trying to conceive. Where does God fit in fertility? Whether you’ve just started trying to conceive (TTC), you’ve been trying to conceive, you’re been diagnosed infertile or with any other fertility problem like PCOS… what does God have to do with it? Watch to find out!

Thanks for watching, TTCers, Mama Bears, Mommy to Be’s, Wives, and beautiful children of God! Have a blessed day!


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  • I admire your strong faith. So many young people are lost on this.
    Thanks for sharing such an important message at Funtastic Friday!

  • Thank you for sharing your post with us at I am Pinnable

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