What I Do



I am a writer, a reader, a DIYer, Netflix marathon-er, a lover and follower of Jesus Christ, a designer, a cashier, and (of course) I’m a wife. I am all of these things (and more) all at the same time! I am a 19 year old newlywed navigating life as a young grown-up (who also happens to be a wife).

I sit in front of a computer for hours a day either working on my DIY projects for my Youtube (GirlvsDIY), designing and advertising my Zazzle and Etsy stores, and/or scrolling through Pinterest. I spend other hours of my day working as a manager/cashier at American Deli (this part of my life isn’t quite as glamorous but it’s definitely just as fun. I am working to one day make a living not only off of my Zazzle and Etsy sales, but also off of this blog. I am a writer and sitting home writing for this blog would be the perfect gig for me. All I want to do is use my writing to help other people.

I created this blog to give young women like me a place to come for support and encouragement. However, this is about more than being a wife. This blog is about being a young woman trying to figure out where she’s going and what she’s doing with her life. This is about a humble servant of the Lord trying to find a way to make her heavenly Father happy. This is about being young and confused and beautiful all at the same time. I hope that through my own journey, I can inspire anyone and everyone who stumbles upon this blog – married and unmarried.

Join me in my journey and maybe I can help you with yours.

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